SECRET WAIST BAG (art. nr 261)

A universal nylon SECRET waist bag for valuable but essential items such as keys, wallets and telephones. It can be used in the traditional way or, thanks to its flattened design, in a hidden way, e.g., under a shirt at chest and waist level, or in a trouser leg. In order to increase your comfort, a special synthetic material – pleasant to the touch and non-irritating to the skin – has been placed at the back of the bag. Secret has two flat, zippered pockets, and a flexible rubber strap with adjustable length. The use of durable nylon, together with double seams in critical areas, makes the bag highly resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.

Technical parameters :

  • dimensions: 26.5x13 cm
  • weight: 42 g
  • material: Nylon Taslon 70D/ 160D