TONGA WASH BAG (art. nr 260)

A universal, folding tourist TONGA wash bag for both men and women. Thanks to its large capacity, it is perfect for backpacking trips as well as home bathrooms. When unfolded, you get two pockets: a long, spacious one, and a netted, rectangular one. Both are zippered. Between them, there is a pocket divided into five independent compartments, with a mirror attached above them. An integral part of the wash bag is the plastic buckle, which makes it easy to close and compress after folding. In addition, there is a metal hook that, if need be, allows to hang the wash bag on a tree, or on a bathroom cabinet. The base material is the 450D polyester, and the edges have special reinforcements sewn in along the entire length.

Technical parameters:

  • dimensions: folded – 25x18 cm, unfolded: 45x25 cm
  • weight: 134 g
  • material: 100% 450D polyester