HEADLAMP 52 LM (NEW!) (art. nr 246)

HEADLAMP 52 LM  (no 246) is a LED product of versatile application, indispensable outdoors, especially after dark. Good visibility is provided by 52 lumens with maximum range to 30 metres. The headlamp is 32x43x60 mm in size and weighs 50 g. It is equipped with an adjustable strap that ensures good grip around the head without pressure. The headlamp is characterized by its mechanical durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

  • LEDS: 1 Watt Led+ 2 Red Led,
  • POWER: 52 lm,
  • BATTERIES: 3x AAA/ R03, 1,5V (not included)
  • SIZE: 32x43x60mm,
  • WEIGHT: 50g